Friday, November 20, 2015

While I Grow

I'm too sensitive
for the blunt force
of your stick

I won't
harden my shell
to make it thick

I watch
as you try to 
bleed me dry

But I have fists
in my veins

You won't
burn me out
or use red
to paint my name

The truth
you think 
you know
makes me
run wild
beneath the moon's
yellow glow

And it's there
where you can watch
while I grow
and grow
and grow

-November 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


There's a light
in the road
and it's starting
to dim
Would it
have stayed
if I hadn't licked
all the salt
off the rim
The light's
been blinding
Have the
been binding me
behind my back
You tell me
all you see
is fading
into black
You're losing
the salt
in the air
But I 
still see
the gold strands
waving in
your hair
Why can't you
feel it
the way 
that I do
You leave me
each time
you let
the darkness
consume you

-October 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Drop In A Bucket

The bullet rings
in the empty bucket
We watch
as they paint
the walls red
Some try
to repaint
in white
but red
is so hard
to cover
Some will break
their backs
trying anyway
We're all
just a drop
in a bucket
Trying to keep
our form
The day 
we choose 
to live outside
our limits
is the day 
we will 
be free

-September 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Your Fluidity

Do you ever
drip free
I'd love
to get lost
in your
Dive into 
the depths
of your
the salt
from every
we create

-August 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015


You keep 
inside of
And there's
no way
for me
to leave
You keep
showing up
I feel myself
and the fire's
I drop
my crown
on the
I know
it's been you
at my
I don't want
to let you
But somehow
you always seem
to win
Will I ever
this feeling
that makes me
want to

-August 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015


What will I 
write about today
are being compared
to terrorists
without hearing
a single word
that they say
Let's just spray them
all away
Then everything 
can go back
to being
What are you
gonna do
When a person has
a different point of view
from you
Why don't you grab your
pitchfork and gun
Really show 'em
how it's done
'round here
If you don't 
agree with me
The man
will lock you up
and throw away
the key
Being different
is just wrong
That's what
they've wanted us
to believe
all along
That fat old book
they'll wave 
in your face
Never mind
that they're not really
living from grace
You're different
and dripping
with sin
Who needs compassion
when everyone's
to win

-August 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

This Is My Heart

This is my heart
Each word
has its own beat
Like a deep
rumbling drum
or soft flicker
of a thumb
This is my heart

-July 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ride Those Waves

Is she wrong
when she's 
been wronged
Who wants to fight
when they can just
take flight
and burry themselves
way down deep
I too
have covered myself
in mud
to blend in
to the mold
that was waiting
all too eagerly
Is it wrong
that I've
been wronged
While my soul
has been searching
for a voice to use
A voice that echoes
against the grain
Is she wrong
to shove open the doors
while her skeletons
blow so openly
Her pain blowing
in the wind
like a flag
praising the sun
She uses her voice
So I shall use mine
It's the only weapon
we own
Let's make them
And forget
the shame
they use to paint us
We're more
than our pain
We're more
than our silence
We're more
than our struggle
to feel free
We're more
than those
stolen dark nights
We're more
than victims
We're survivors
of those 
dark stolen nights
Never to be hushed
to keep from
making waves
Make those waves
Ride those waves
with the sun
shining down
Lighting our souls
on fire

-July 2015

I wrote this in response to the thirty-five women that have recently come forward in the news and have spoken about the sexual assault they've endured by a man they trusted. I wrote this for the women who fear ridicule and backlash and shame for something that wasn't their fault. I wrote this for the women who have not yet found their voice. I wrote this for your Mother. I wrote this for your Sister. I wrote this for your Aunt. I wrote this for your Friend. I wrote this for me.

If you or someone you know is suffering and looking for ways to cope with sexual assault, please contact RAINN for help.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Dream

You don't know
where to go
but this path
is getting old
You're feeling
too worn out
You keep
telling yourself
you know
what this life's 
all about
You stay stuck
in your dream
While your heart's
about to rip
at the seam
And you choke
just a little
Your life line's
starting to feel
a little more brittle
each time that you
breathe in
And you dream

-July 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Silently Alone

He looks
at the flower
He wants
to touch it
He wants
to feel the
his fingertips
and the power
that he'll draw
He reaches
then hesitates
if the delicate
will tremble
He breathes in
its sweet scent
and tenses
His eyes
while he grips
Until the release
and the petals fall
silently alone

-July 2014

I've had this tucked away for a little while. I'm glad I found it this morning.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Drop of Whiskey

The shadows
do well
at holding
him in

He looks
from left
to right
not knowing
where to

So he walks

He doesn't 
his heart
and his voice
are related

He drinks
from a
paper cup

Trying to find
that will fill
him up

But he's already

It happened
without him

His eyes
were shut
too tight

To fight 
the demons
that come out
at night

He looks ahead
and then
back again

Too afraid
to face
the past
he's been

He washes
the sand down
with one 
last sip

One drop
of whiskey
resting on
his lip

He rolls
the paper
into a ball

As he closes
his eyes
two tear drops

-June 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Locked Up Tight

The walls
don't seem
to dry
these days
it's too easy
to get lost
in your
charming ways
But I keep
breathing in
all the fumes
It's still hard
to believe
they've been 
from you
I've been
looking for air
I keep reaching
for your hand
but you're 
never there
Each time
I open
 a window
to let
the light in
You slam it
and lock it
up tight
once again

-May 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lay Down Your Crown

Take this needle
and thread it
Stitch up
your heart
Doesn't that
feel nice
Lay down
your crown
and lie next
to me
Close your eyes
and just let
yourself be

We all
get a little
lost sometimes
It's easier
to hide it all
Then it is
to allow ourselves
to feel
all the pain

Take this needle
and thread it
Everything changes
each time we roll
the dice
Lay down
your crown
and come lie next
to me
I'm right here
with you
I just wish you 
would see

You're closed up
so tight
and won't let
anyone in
You're not
alone in this world
We've all lived
in sin

So I'll take this needle
and thread it
I'll stitch
my heart 
to yours
oh, won't that
be nice
And I hope
one day
you'll see
just how beautiful
your slice
of life
can be
And I hope
oh, I hope
it sets you

-May 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wherever You Are

You drip
and I catch you
I feel you
and I 
You warm me
with your essence
and I become lost
Lost in your
Your smell
Your touch
You make me
and burn
with desire
I'll wrap myself
in your bones
and become
your veins
I'll nestle myself
into where you beat
the hardest
And soak
into the warmth
of wherever
you are

-May 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Disintegrated Reasoning

These glass shards
keep splintering
and burrowing
in my flesh
My blood becomes
hot and sticky
with the layers
of hurt
that run deep
in my bones
down into the hollow
where the echoes grow
Every now and then
I feel the leash loosen
allowing glimpses 
of a life
I can't quite
make out
The reasoning
has disintegrated
in the murky water
where the soap
never gets you clean
What does it mean
What does it all mean
Even I don't know
I say to myself
as I collect
each grain
of sand
to seal
in a jar

-April 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015



to me
Dive into 
my soul
and I'll set
you free

He dug
right in
to my flesh
and watched me 

Watched me

Close your
You can not
from his
from his
his touch

His hand
in my
Pushing me
me still
and I

Like a bitter

He is the
in my head
I keep 
of my own
He is the
that fills
me up
The sin
that I 
swim in

let me go
let me go

These stones
I carry
are not mine
I wonder
if I'll forever
feel their 


to me
This echo
in my heart
I do not know
if it will
always be

-March 2015