Sunday, January 18, 2015


(This is untitled, for now).

I'm weightless
and drifting
through your
Do you feel
my voice
when I call out
your name

I'm shifting
whenever I'm next
to you
Do you feel it
oh, do you feel it

I'm melting
whenever you touch
my skin
Open up 
your heart
and let me
sink in

Oh, what do you say
let's do it all today
We'll just move
out of our

I'm moving
now that I'm
so close
to you
I know
you're moving
I feel it
when you

-January 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Making Ends Meet

She used to sell
just about everything
to make ends meet
The many things
we sat on
played with
ate from
and wore
All reminders
that nothing
is permanent
Nothing stays
the same
We'd watch our stuff
get picked over
We'd watch them
try to haggle her
but she never showed
You'd never see
the loss
in her eyes
as money
exchanged hands
And just like that . . .
ours became theirs

-December 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Cold Outside Tonight

I close my eyes
and watch the river
bend beneath
my feet

I hope and pray
that the homeless man
finds someplace
warm enough
to sleep

Because it's cold outside
and as the waves
wash through me
I still know 
what feels
and what feels

We hurt each other
out of selfishness
If only
we'd been taught
to follow our bliss
Then we'd find
our true road
to happiness

Oh, it's cold outside
Living in this world
shouldn't be
such a

Because there's no one
on either side
Oh, it's cold outside

-December 2014