Friday, June 27, 2014

The Hero We Find

The journey
may not always
make sense
But we still
must travel it
We will never know
how much strength
we carry
Until the day comes
when we must wield it
We'll wield it against
our dragons
our darkness
And when we walk
alone in the shadows
we must be brave
Brave enough 
to see
to realize
That all the darkness
that we face
is only here to teach us
just how blissful
the light will be
Because when we reach
that light
we will feel 
its warmth
its grace
We'll see that the light
has always been there
inside us
Waiting to be discovered
And the darkness will fade
and we'll know
just how strong
we truly are
And we'll find
that the only hero
we've ever needed 
has always been 

-June 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014


I love the clarity
that we've found
You're my blessing
and my treasured soul
You're my muse
and I use you
for all things
You bring me life
The roads we take
will not always feel
this smooth
this wide
this free
But we'll always travel
Side by side
Beneath the light
of the sun
and the moon

-June 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I wrote this a long time ago and I just came across it the other day. I'm calling this my "Dark" period. I was hesitant on sharing it, but then I came to the understanding that we all have darkness in us. At one point or another, we can all feel swallowed up by the darkness. And that's okay because without the dark, we would never fully appreciate the light.


I hate the world
and all its coldness
My skin shivers
and I feel the chill 
in my lungs
So cold and dry
As I walk 
my legs pain
The asphalt is both
my embrace
and my enemy
My feet saddened 
by the hardness
Where is it leading me
My mind is weary
and confusion sets in
I can't see daylight 
I walk . . .
Alone at times
The world 
is so much colder
when I do
My body jerks
and hesitates
before each movement
It's always dark

-February 2001

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Hope We Seek

Where is our Lennon
Our Kennedy
Our King
Is there anyone out there
with hope
they can bring
We sacrifice happiness
Our joys
Our bliss
Why are we taught
there are more important things
than this
Is our beacon
somehow lost at sea
Or is the hope
that we seek
Inside of you
Inside of me

June 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

Willingly Bound

I can feel your ties
I can feel that you're binding me
to you
I feel no need to brace
when you push
And you'll feel no tug
when you pull
I'm your willing
And you're my trusted
And just as I'm bound
to you
You are bound
to me
And together when we walk
We will walk free

-June 2014