Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I wrote this a long time ago and I just came across it the other day. I'm calling this my "Dark" period. I was hesitant on sharing it, but then I came to the understanding that we all have darkness in us. At one point or another, we can all feel swallowed up by the darkness. And that's okay because without the dark, we would never fully appreciate the light.


I hate the world
and all its coldness
My skin shivers
and I feel the chill 
in my lungs
So cold and dry
As I walk 
my legs pain
The asphalt is both
my embrace
and my enemy
My feet saddened 
by the hardness
Where is it leading me
My mind is weary
and confusion sets in
I can't see daylight 
I walk . . .
Alone at times
The world 
is so much colder
when I do
My body jerks
and hesitates
before each movement
It's always dark

-February 2001


  1. You were so right to share this. Its nice to see in your writing you found the light. Again, inspired by your words.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. Those of you that leave comments have no idea how meaningful it is to me. So thank you again :)


  2. This is how it feels now. But it comes and goes.

    1. I'm sorry to read that you are feeling this way now. I believe that in times like this, we just have to allow ourselves to just feel it. Really look at your situation, whatever it may be, and confront it. Ask yourself what you have to learn from the experience that is making you feel this dark feeling. Because we're here to experience every emotion and to learn from them so we can be stronger in order to face what's coming our way in the future.

      At least that's my interpretation. I hope you find peace, who ever you are :)