Friday, December 9, 2016

Mining For Diamonds

It feels good
to release
Even in its
smallest measure
Like mining
for a diamond
One piece of earth
at a time
The struggle
is strong
and burdensome
will sometimes prevail
You'll often feel
undone and spent
Begging to dig
no more
Barely scratching
the surface
before it feels
you've already dug
too deep
No ladder seems
long enough
or strong enough
to stable you 
to ever climb out
Moments of rest
are needed 
to gather the strength
you know you'll need
to begin again

-August 2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Echo Through The Grain

There's the door
I can touch
its surface
Feel the thick
of the grain
I feel
But there's no knob
to turn
or twist
Just a seam
around the edges
too thin
for prying
A small
single keyhole
offers a glimpse
of what lies
on the other side
I peer
with one 
squinting eye
as I rest
one knee
on the rocks
beneath my feet
Hands shaking
and sweaty
I rest them
against the door
for balance
Place my ear
to the wood
and listen
to the beat
of my own heart
through the grain

-January 2016