Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ride Those Waves

Is she wrong
when she's 
been wronged
Who wants to fight
when they can just
take flight
and burry themselves
way down deep
I too
have covered myself
in mud
to blend in
to the mold
that was waiting
all too eagerly
Is it wrong
that I've
been wronged
While my soul
has been searching
for a voice to use
A voice that echoes
against the grain
Is she wrong
to shove open the doors
while her skeletons
blow so openly
Her pain blowing
in the wind
like a flag
praising the sun
She uses her voice
So I shall use mine
It's the only weapon
we own
Let's make them
And forget
the shame
they use to paint us
We're more
than our pain
We're more
than our silence
We're more
than our struggle
to feel free
We're more
than those
stolen dark nights
We're more
than victims
We're survivors
of those 
dark stolen nights
Never to be hushed
to keep from
making waves
Make those waves
Ride those waves
with the sun
shining down
Lighting our souls
on fire

-July 2015

I wrote this in response to the thirty-five women that have recently come forward in the news and have spoken about the sexual assault they've endured by a man they trusted. I wrote this for the women who fear ridicule and backlash and shame for something that wasn't their fault. I wrote this for the women who have not yet found their voice. I wrote this for your Mother. I wrote this for your Sister. I wrote this for your Aunt. I wrote this for your Friend. I wrote this for me.

If you or someone you know is suffering and looking for ways to cope with sexual assault, please contact RAINN for help.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Dream

You don't know
where to go
but this path
is getting old
You're feeling
too worn out
You keep
telling yourself
you know
what this life's 
all about
You stay stuck
in your dream
While your heart's
about to rip
at the seam
And you choke
just a little
Your life line's
starting to feel
a little more brittle
each time that you
breathe in
And you dream

-July 2015