Monday, April 28, 2014

A Little Lighter

I'm beginning to feel 
a little lighter
with each breath
that I breath in

I haven't felt this way

in forever
It's good to feel
this way 

I can close

my eyes now
and enjoy
the sunlight 
on my face

I'll remember

this moment
and how I'm beginning
to find my place

I haven't felt this way

in forever
It's good to feel 
this way

I'm going to keep on looking

at the bright side
Because I know this isn't
how my story ends

-April 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Gold Underneath

I used to write
and then hide it all away
I was worried about
what everyone would say

But I'm getting to know myself
better with each day
And if I could say a few things to you
This is what I'd say

I am me
I am nobody else, but me
I'm finally breaking through
these walls I've built myself
And finally feeling free

I'm finding the gold
that's been buried underneath
this dust
The dust I've let settle
over me
For so long
For too long
And I'm beginning to see
Who I am meant to be

I'm allowing myself to feel
All the things I've been trying 
to keep in
And it's good to feel the warmth again
and to see these gold flecks
shining in my skin

-April 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Do You Need Me For? (My Ode To The Universe)

I don't usually write notes to go along with my poems, but this is something I'm in the middle of working on. It's sort of a long one, so bare with me.

What Do You Need Me For? (My Ode To The Universe)

You don't have to
look at me
But if you do
would you mind telling me
what it is
you see
Because I don't see
Sometimes I wonder
what keeps me
From running out
running out
your front door
Oh, what do you
what do you 
want me for?

I've tried to
close my eyes
Sometimes I hate to see
the sun rise
It just reminds me that
there's another day
I don't want to keep feeling
like I'm fading away
Sometimes I think I'll do
to keep it all
and I'll hide my hands

My back
I promise I won't lose track
of what you say
to me
As long as you tell me
what it is that you see
Because I'm losing sight of
used to be
so damn pretty
Maybe that was just
make believe

So I'm standing here
at your door
I promise I'll stay
if you tell me
what you need
What do you need
me for?

-April 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014


These lakes are becoming
a little dryer

The sand isn't as muddy
as I'm used to

As time moves on I find
that I'm not looking for more

I'm not searching 
for your difference

Although at times I do wonder
where all that water went

Did it somehow get soaked up
and become part of your soul?

Or has it merely been sucked down
into the vast dryness of the earth?

All I know
is what I'm seeing

My sandcastles
just won't have moats anymore

-March 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Wading

I close my eyes
and just swim in darkness
Sometimes the darkness feels better
I've been wading in this water
for so long
I'm just now beginning to feel my limbs 
grow stronger
It seems they have come too late
My head is barely above the rim
My body seems to be stiffening
I've been kicking too hard
and for too long
My limbs have grown tired
I know I need to keep kicking

-April 2014