Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Cracks Inside The Walls

How strong
do I look
I'm sturdier
than you think
I've been
my garden
the water
from the
kitchen sink
I've taken
this dust
and turned it
into wood
I've done it
in a way
you never
I could
But you
don't see
the work
Just the pieces
left behind
Then you
go and tell me
I'm losing
my own mind
I've built
my own supports
The frame
has been
in place
You can't
blow me down
then expect
to leave 
without a trace
Your needless
has echoed
through these halls
While I've 
been busy filling
all the cracks
inside the walls

-October 2015

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Place To Be

Get up
Put the coffee on
Look out
at the sky
See the puffy
white clouds
moving gracefully by
With no particular
place to be
Today that feels
just like me
I'm just sitting here
in a chair
Looking back
at this last year
for where I've been
All the places
I've put myself in
In pain
In hate
In anger
In hurt
So many ways
I've learned
to use my words
In the deepness
where I've been
swallowed up whole
Out in the light
when I've learned
to truly let go
In the wind
where the tears
touched my cheeks
In love
where he's held me
while I've cried myself
to sleep
In solace
where it's okay
not to know
all the reasons why
In knowing
I'll learn them
all in time
In right now
the only place to be
I've learned
that my comfort
my home
lives inside of me
That's quite a remarkable
place to be

-January 2017