Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flawed Seamstress

Her patchwork
appears to be
a little shoddy
after further examination
These stitches
were not
sewn tightly
She sees separations
here and there
She was a fool
to think
it would keep her
warm enough 
at night

-July 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I feel the grittiness
as I pack the sand
in your chest

You shall feel
all the weight 
you've burdened
me with

Does God really breed
such hate
such evil
such disgrace

I never had 
the chance
to know purity
and innocence

You became my creator
of all things

I bathed
a thousand times
and still felt

You've stained me
with your colors
of guilt

I'm riddled
with holes
from my own noise
and flashbacks
of your face
your smell
your touch

If I let you sink
in the muddy waters
will I recognize
the bell that rings
or the familiar stranger
of a peaceful nights

-July 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unwanted Guest

How do I 
let you go
I can feel
that you're trapped
You're locked
inside of me
Deep down
I know I have the key
I feel it
But this puzzle
makes me queazy
I'm dizzy
with these thoughts
of you
Just when I think
that I've escaped you
Here I am
Trapped in another
doorless room
with you
Your dark eyes
they burn me
Your touch
I feel you singe
my skin
How can you be
so careless
so dark
so strong
Am I feeding you
my own strength 
so willingly
How careless
of me
You've been my
unwanted guest
I thought you'd just leave
on your own 

-July 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've wanted to see you
for all that you are
I know that I have
made it this far
At least as far as I 
can tell
We're right here where
the universe 
is wishing us well
I never thought 
I could see anyone
as clearly as I see you
And I know
that you see me
Some may wonder
how it can be
But I've opened myself up
to you
The way that you did
to me
It's amazing
Oh, you're amazing
to me
You're all the things
I always wanted
to be
Being right here 
with you
makes me want to be
all that I know
I can be
You're my touchstone
through life
You're my gravity
And I'll always be right here
with you
The way I know 
you always will
for me

-July 2014