Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've wanted to see you
for all that you are
I know that I have
made it this far
At least as far as I 
can tell
We're right here where
the universe 
is wishing us well
I never thought 
I could see anyone
as clearly as I see you
And I know
that you see me
Some may wonder
how it can be
But I've opened myself up
to you
The way that you did
to me
It's amazing
Oh, you're amazing
to me
You're all the things
I always wanted
to be
Being right here 
with you
makes me want to be
all that I know
I can be
You're my touchstone
through life
You're my gravity
And I'll always be right here
with you
The way I know 
you always will
for me

-July 2014

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