Friday, September 19, 2014


The warmth
of the sun
has become
My hair
shines golden
when touched
by the light
the old blooms
have all begun
to fade
and wither
becoming a part 
of the earth's soil
once again
I close my eyes
and feel the softness
of the light
letting me know
a new season
is coming
I watch
as she chews 
on grass
to soothe
her old belly
and listen
to the chirping
of the birds
reminding me
as I breath in
that I'm alive

-September 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Way

I'm not looking
for another
I'm not looking 
for the ending
I'm just
the only way
I know how
I've made it
this far
And nothing is going
to keep me
from following
my heart
no matter who
you are
You can take
a good long look
at me
But you can keep
your opinions
to yourself
about what it is
you see
I know I'm not
a millionaire 
but judging someone
by their monetary worth
just isn't fair
I may not live
the way you do
Just remember
that I'm me
and nothing you say
will turn me
into you

-September 2014