Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful You

I want to feel you
inside of my bones
my heart's telling me
I'm already home

oh you
oh, beautiful you

You make me feel 
just like a child
so safe and so loved
and maybe just a little bit wild

oh you
oh, beautiful you
oh you
oh, beautiful you

I'll trace the outline
of your body each night
as long as each morning
you hold me real tight

to you
oh, beautiful you

For as long as I live
I'll love your sweet face
the soft feel of your hands
and your loving embrace

oh you
oh, beautiful you 
oh you
oh, beautiful you
oh you
sweet, beautiful you


Only You

Take my hand
and all that I am
and make me feel alive
I don't ever
want to go through this life
without you by my side

oh, release me
release my loving soul
and get down on your knees
and tell me that you'll keep on wanting more

of this life
that we're making
of this love
that keeps my heart shaking

because only you can make me feel this way
and I'd give anything
to feel like this every single day

of this life
that I want to share with you
oh, my love, you're so sweet to me
and I'll never put anyone else above you