Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Coin Lies Flat

The coin lies flat
on the slate of stone
It's been spun like a top
then imbedded in bone
The soft texture can be felt
between each rough groove
It can leave you feeling
too afraid to move
But that's not a story
you haven't heard before
You've felt it stirring
each time you went for the door
And the rain stopped you
each lonely time
So you'd reach in your pocket
to pull out a dime
It's pressed hard in your fingers
and you give it a spin
While holding the breath
you forgot to breathe in

- January 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Your Unfeathered Glow

What do you want 
from me
I'm tired of feeling you
I can't stand this shake
This beat
This breathless air
You make me forget
The sun
The moon
The starlit sky
Wasted minutes spent
asking why, why, why
What do you need
It's always something
I'm not ready to give
But you take it
like it's your own
Like I'm some need
to feed
your unfeathered glow
And I hate the way
you've danced in my bones
You've danced in my bones
You've. Danced. In. My. Bones.
Like you have a right
to make me your home
Is there anyplace safe
to rest my soul
How can I give the things
that are too hard to know

-April 2017