Thursday, September 9, 2010

So here's a few poems I've written.

These poems are from years ago, about 1999.  Well here goes nothing...

Bleeding Heart 

how do you know me
so well
inside and out
my heart bleeds upon
your floor, for
it knows nothing of 
courtesy or manners
it'll over flow through 
your hands until you
caress it like a broken
bird, without hope
of being touched
with gentle ways
and praises of God
  Hurry Love!
bandage my wound
before your carpet
is tainted crimson


Just Kiss Me!

Take a hold of my hand
and pull me to you
look into my eyes
and put your hands on my face
then touch your lips to mine
       just kiss me!
don't let the moment end
I want to feel your breath
upon my skin
make my body quiver
as you whisper in my ear
tell me nothing else matters


A Letter To You 

If I wrote a letter to you, I wonder what I'd say.
Tell you I miss you, in every conceivable way.
Because things are so hard, or because it's really true.
I try to occupy myself and time
and in the end, my thoughts are still of you.
I remember your voice and hear your laugh.
The color of your eyes. Shit, why do i think of that?
I remember your face so perfectly
the soft feel of your hands
what would I say to you
if in front of me you did stand
That I love you. Even though i know it's been years.
Could I say all these things to you,
without the salty taste of my tears.
I have another, and I know so do you
my heart is aching so deep inside
maybe because it always belonged to you
my feelings are not fair
and I'm trying to keep them inside
my heart wants to be uncovered
I no longer want to hide
I miss you more than I ever dreamed
I tried to move on
at least that's what it seemed
of all I feel, I am scared to death
but what I wouldn't give
to feel your sweet deep breath
my heart aches for you
it feels stronger every day
when I see you i'll know
that i'll always feel this way


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