Thursday, September 9, 2010

New to blogging.

I'm new to the blogging world. This is sort of a trial run here. This blog is going to be about what inspires me. I sort of feel stuck in my life right now and writing helps me sort through things. I'm better at writing what I feel rather than verbally expressing myself. I view that as both a weakness and a strength. Writing relaxes me in a way nothing else does. Writing is my therapy, my comfort.
I keep journals. I've done that for years and years. I also write poems. So, I've decided that's what I'm going to put in my blog. Poems I've written years ago and some fairly recent. I feel like I just want to put my words out there for anyone to see. And if you like it great and if you don't then I think that's great too. Not everyone will like what I have to say and I'm now o.k. with that. So I'm going to post some of my writing and I hope someone out there likes it.

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