Friday, September 10, 2010

Mmm...being in love as a teenager. It always felt like the end of the world when things didn't go right.

Don't Tell Me

Take my heart and ignore it
Pretend I don't exist anymore
But need me only when you
want to
Tell me all your pain
but don't listen to me
Brush me off!
Tell me you're sorry
Tell me all the reasons you are not here
Tell me it doesn't matter

Say you're doing it for us
Realize you're doing this for you
only you
I am not in your hands anymore
Please! Don't tell me you're sorry
when I cry
For you don't know
 the meaning of the words


I Cared 

I never cared to watch you leave
No, I never cared to drink some tea
with you
I never even cared
to see you smile
I never cared
for a while
I didn't watch you sleep
and you never made me weep
My world was fine
just how I liked it
Now it's turned upside down
No, I don't even care
because you're no longer inside
And you're never gonna find another
to wash your clothes in Tide


But I Do 

Not wanting myself to remember
Losing all memories of your touch
Letting you go from my thoughts
Making you fade away
Not wanting to miss you
because it hurts too much
Never letting myself miss you
Not wanting to deal with the pain
All of this
meaning nothing
I miss your touch
I want to remember you
To be in my thoughts
To feel the pain
Wanting you near me
Needing you to know me
Not wanting to miss all that
I do miss all that


Valley of Your Heart 

I walked through the valley
of your heart
and I searched through the valley
of your heart
and I found nothing I wanted to keep
in your heart
so I left
and I walked away from
 your heart
and you didn't say much
 to keep me there
you stood there with out caring
and now as I walk by
I won't be starring
at you anymore



Take my heart
and fill it up with promises
but whatever you do
don't break them
My mind is thoughtful
but my feelings are weak
Please be careful because I'm fragile
Take care of me like baseball cards
or a precious guitar
But I can't be traded or played
I have soft spoken words
and a shy personality
I won't be taken advantage of 
You can tell me those stories and make me believe
But I'll always know they're lies


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