Saturday, April 21, 2018


It's yours
All of it
Every single
Each vibrant
Is yours
All of it
The smells
The tastes
The deepness
The weight
The sinking
The heaviness
It's all yours
You get to choose
what to do
with all of it
This stuff
This baggage
Drink it
Smoke it
Inject it
Sniff it
Swallow it
Cut it
Starve it
Hate it
But it will
still be there
Every second
Every hour 
Every day
Every week
Every month
Every year
Begging you 
to unpack it
Pull each piece out
One by one
Day by day
Look at it
Smell it
Taste it
Feel it
Wear it
Slip on that skin
Close your eyes
Own it
Own whatever comes
This is how you begin
to unpack
Then choose
how you release
that energy
The one stinging
your veins
Run it
Write it
Paint it
Sing it
Play it
Cry it
Laugh it
Act it
Meditate it
Yoke it
Talk it
Hug it
It's yours
All of it
It's yours
to unpack
It's yours
to carry

-September 2017

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