Sunday, December 31, 2017


I can see you
take him on
You've been doing it
for so long
You forgot to feel
the soft wind
against your ear
The way you have felt
with no one near
Now you try
to calm your soul
Letting go
of what you can't control
And you feel like
you're spinning
You've been spinning
for so long
You take a look
at your reflection
You see a woman
that's too hard to question
But question you must
You are losing the face
you're needing to trust
And you wonder why
she can't let go
Of all the things
she already knows
I see you reach
for her face
Knowing she's the one
you must embrace

-May 2017


  1. the demons that hide inside are at time difficult to confront.

    1. Yes, they definitely can be, Vandana. Thank you for your insightful comment :)