Wednesday, November 15, 2017

For Me

I can't
I can't look to the sun
There's nothing I see
Except an endlessly disintegrating dream
You know the one
The one you read about
Heard about
The one on the never-ending loop
You're never complete
without the strong hold of the opposite
Forget the things you can not outrun 
Look in the mirror first
before laying down each crown
I had to see where I've been
And it's dark
Dark as darkest night
Where the moon often
withheld its light
I had no torch to light my way
Only a feeling
too often ignored
I taste it now
It's been lacking conviction
So I've staked my claim on my own self
I feel that in my bones
And I'll no longer bleed
for anyone else but me

-August 2017


  1. It is very important to take the blame on oneself and only a brave person can do that.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Vandana :) Appreciate your visit.