Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Good-Bye To You

I'm glad that I 
don't have you anymore
I used to wish you never came
to knock at my door

But I see now
that I had lessons to learn
Now if I ever need a fire
I have your letters I can burn

Oh, I guess one thing you taught me
was this
Is that there should be passion
behind every kiss

And if I wake up
in the middle of the night
I need someone there
to hold me tight

Oh, I need someone who cares
what I say
Not someone who shuts me out
just to get their own way

As for lessons
I'm up to three
I guess I'll never understand
why you never really saw me

The truth is
you never took the time to look
Because if you did you would've seen
that my heart is an open book

Now that I've said
my good-bye to you
It feels good that I've moved on
and I hope that you have, too

-April 2014

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