Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I try to avoid you
I try to avoid your gaze
You're never ending
Just when I think
everything is up
I turn and find things falling
Like dirty ribbons
I see no clear path
I see nothing in front of me
But you
You keep moving
You keep passing me by
Your unyielding gravity
makes me run scared
in all the wrong directions
You make me dream of sleep
I'd like to stay there
where it's warm and safe
There's no warning
to heed
It just comes
It just goes
It just is

-February 2014


  1. Staying where it is warm and safe - I like that. And I like the acceptance of life as it is. Something we definitely need to do.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Katie :) and thanks for making a visit!

  3. The change can be such an ordeal.. Sometimes only sleep is a safe coccon.

    1. Accepting change has been my challenge. I'm getting better at it :) Thanks for stopping by, Bjorn :) It's good to see you.

  4. it's said, there's no constant except change. no one can run away from it.
    on another level, this poem could be about a relationship. relationships can be tough, aren't they? :)

    1. I wrote this about all the different changes of life. It really applies to anything. I've learned that you just have to trust the process :) Thanks for making another visit :)

  5. There's no warning / to heed....quite scary..sometimes we have no option and have to accept it...difficult though...

    1. I believe that accepting change, no matter how difficult, is the only way. I've become much happier accepting things instead of fighting against it. Thanks for stopping by, Sumana :)