Friday, August 31, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here

I don't seem to write about you
much anymore
Lately I feel like running
out my front door
Out into the void
where your words can't hurt me...
Maybe there will be
no turning back
But why did you have to
hurt me like that
All I wanted was
to be close to you
I never wanted to think
that trying was no use
Oh, where do we go from here
Oh, where do we go from here
I thought you were the one
to hold me tight each night
and tell me everything is
gonna be alright
But you never hold me
the way you used to do
You never say you love me
unless I say it to you
Oh, where do we go from here
where do we go
tell me baby, where do we go
I can't imagine leaving you
but sometimes it hurts so much
Why can't you just give me
your comforting touch
If there's one thing I know
I don't want to lose you
I'm just not sure if you
feel the same way too
Why don't you calm my fears
and get down on one knee
and tell me you want nothing in this world
but me

-April 2012

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