Thursday, November 4, 2010


In the pit of despair is where
I find myself, again
after all these years
and all these dulled senses I have left
it's a never ending maze
left inside me
where can I go from here
into whose arms can I fall apart
break apart
into unrecognizable pieces
pieces of my existence 
of my soul
I break apart so easily
so fragile I am...
I just want to feel whole again



  1. "I break apart so easily
    so fragile I am...
    I just want to feel whole again"

    You have really captured a feeling there, one I too have known at times.

    ...and also thanks very much for your visit over at my blog Out of My Ocean today, it was nice to see you again. :-)

    I was just thinking why don't you join Poets United it is a community of people who like to write and read poetry and they are very nice and really welcoming too. Tell 'em I sent you. - Susannah :-)

    The url is -

    and the page to join up and be put on the blogroll there is here -

    If you need any help with anything there is an email address on my Out of My Ocean blog - just get in touch. x

  2. Thank you Susannah for all your kind words. I just might take you up on your offer for help! I'm going to check out the Poets United...sounds great!

  3. That's great. :-)

    If it looks a bit confusing let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

    Perhaps the easiest way to start would be to post a link to one of your poens at the weekly poetry pantry here -

    and then perhaps just say in the comments that you'd like to join as well and I am sure Robert Lloyd who runs the site will sort it out for you, he is very helpful. :-)